Confession: The first time I played through the KOTOR 1, I actually fell for Jergan’s scam in the cantina even though there was a dialogue option RIGHT THERE that said,”Sounds like you’re running a scam to me.” I hated myself afterwards for losing half the credits I had.

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Confession: I played through all of Taris in the first game as a male but then deleted the save file halfway through Davik’s estate just so I could finally get a massage from one of the slaves.

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Confession: I honestly didn’t join the KotOR fandom until recently. I really wish I had joined sooner since most of the posts/art/fiction was posted about ten years ago.

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Mod Review

Non Dead Looking Dark Side Kreia

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While I don’t personally use this (since Malachor lasts about two minutes anyway) I really liked this because it fits in wonderfully with the movie style transitions mod. Since Kreia’s eyes are white, it would only make sense they’d turn black. Also, since Kreia doesn’t really align herself with the dark or light side (or something to that effect) I thought this was good so it she would look more normal.

If you want me to, I can photoshop the white eyes onto it if you really want the “no alignment change” look.

- mod review - I'm actually going to use this now the more i talked about it the more i wanted it

Wow I’m a Liar

Alright so I know I’ve made about ten different promises about when I was going to make the confessions and all of which have been broken. I made them today, and they’re going to be posted in like two hours. Also to make up for the lack of content lately, I will be doing two mod reviews!

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Mod Review

Handsister Fix 1.1 [x]

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(this is the image from filefront but I linked to the one on deadlystream since it has the update and is more compatible with TSLRCM which has updated to 1.8.3 and there is also an M4-78 update)

I can’t be the only one that was extremely confused when the dialogue kept referencing the Handmaiden looking different than the others. I was like “does her hair swoop the other way? Is her lip slightly different? Where is this difference?

There was none

This fixes that, giving the sisters the model that Obsidian intended to give to the Handmaiden sisters that looks a bit similar to one of the Revan heads. So now when you go through Telos, you will actually see a difference and the dialogue will actually make sense.

Confessions will either be posted tomorrow or Monday keep sending in your confessions

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Confession: My all time favorite KOTOR pairing would definitely be FemRevan/Canderous. They seem to fit together so perfectly especially since Canderous really admires Revan and the warrior she is.

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Confession: Not sure what started it, but I am REALLY into M!Revan and Carth as a ship, and it kills me that I’m pretty much the only one

- kotor - carth onasi - revan - darth revan - what's always surprised me is kotor fandom rarely goes non canon with ships unless it's F!Revan and Canderous

Confession: KOTOR I and II helped me not only reaffirm my own morals and convictions, but also taught me to consider a situation from many different perspectives and understand peoples’ motivations. KOTOR’s quality remains as an important catalyst for shaping personal identity, and that’s quite a legacy to have!

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Confession: I always thought Admiral Saul Karath’s hat looked like a Russian hat from the side xD

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