i have been searching google for the past 20 minutes for one fitting kotor reaction gif and this is the only result

We just got to 1,000 followers! I’m super excited, I had no idea the blog would go as far as it did. To be honest, I pretty much made this blog because I really liked dragonageconfessions and wanted to do something similar, and somehow the url wasn’t taken, and thus this blog was born.

I’ll work on all the confessions in the inbox tomorrow evening, sorry for taking so long.

So in conclusion, thank you, you all are wonderful, confess.

- kotorconfessionstalks

Atton’s Facial Hair


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I saw this and was sure that some of you guys would really want this.

As with appearance mods, there’s not much to review because if you take a look at the picture you know if you’d like it or not.

It has dark side transitions

I don’t know if it affects his portraits or not, if in the zip file there’s a po_atton.tga then it does, and if not it doesn’t

Feel free to send me an ask if you have any problems, or if you want to uninstall it but don’t know how.

- mod review

Player and Party Underwear Mod

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This one provides themed underwear for most of your party members, and you. Some of them are a bit on the skimpy side, but bear with me, because some of these are also extremely cool.

Now (for females) you don’t get stuck in that bland black jumpsuit that looks like someone simply chose the biggest brush setting and the darkest color they could find. For males they fix the shoulders and make the shoes match the original underwear.

For Bao-Dur they give him some MUCH NEEDED underwear so he has some amount of originality the game unfortunately didn’t give him.

Also it fixes the dancer outfit and makes it line up with the waist of the original underwears, that way you don’t look suddenly thinner when you put on the dancers outfit

and for you mass effect fans

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Now, the installation process is extremely simplified, and you can pick and choose what to install because each thing is in folders. Don’t want the vanilla underwear replaced but want Bao-Dur’s, you can do that easily.

Hope you guys enjoy, and if you have any problems (installing or otherwise) feel free to send me an ask.

- mod review

Confession: I’ve played through KOTOR at least 4 or 5 times and every other time I start it thinking, “This is it. This is my evil play-through,” and legitimately fail. I know I’m being silly and missing out on the story but I really like the blue background to a light-side character.

- kotor - dark side - Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic - star wars - knights of the old republic - time for the overused malachor screenshot hell yeah

Confession: I’ve had a crush on Bao-Dur for nearly ten years. It has faded at times, but whenever I rediscover KOTOR, it comes back stronger than ever. I relate to his anger and admire his loyalty, and I think he’s really cute. It’s kind of amazing that the crush has lasted for this long, though.

- kotor - bao dur - bao-dur - Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic - star wars - i just wish he had more dialogue or like they let you reask him things like with the other companions - like after awhile you can only say i'll be going - and sometimes CAN U MAKE ME A SHIELD

Confession: It pisses me off that when you’re on Malachor the guy who helped you destroy it and set everything in motion only appears as a hologram. The way Kreia lumps him in with the droids at the end only rubs it in.

- kotor - kreia - bao dur - bao-dur - fun fact - the reason that he is a hologram during malachor is that he was supposed to have died during - the battle of telos - the only reason we know this is that apparently in his dialogue there is an unused one that says - make my sacrifice count - but yeah kreia lumping him in with the droids was really annoying

Confession: I love Kotor 2, but I wish it was a little more polished as far a game design is concerned. I don’t mean graphics or sound design. I mean actual gameplay. For example, Kreia teaches the Exile all sorts of cool new force powers. Wouldn’t it be great if the game was designed to use those powers more frequently? How about making gas traps and gas grenades more frequent and deadly so we’d use Breath Control more often? Or giving the player a chance to teach these techniques to the companions?

- the restored content mod actually let's you teach the forms to your companions - star wars - kotor - Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Confession: I used to hate Manaan as a kid, but now I can see how much of a well-crafted narrative and atmosphere there is. I see it as the ‘mature’ kotor, what with the politics and dark underwater elements.

- kotor - manaan - selkath - Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic - Knight of the old republic

Confession: After playing KOTOR II with the restores content, I have a greater appreciation for Atris as a character. Her motivations were far more in depth than I originally thought, and revealed just how much the Jedi Order had failed their own members — Masters, Knights, and Padawans all. Atris was never the Order’s salvation, but she was a catalyst in it’s destruction and subsequent reformation, making her a more pivotal character than one could have imagined.

- kotor - atris - star wars - jedi - btw i found this really cool mod that looks like the dark atris robes except the hood is removed so you can see your exile's head - but it requires a little bit of tweaking because the mod comes with different color variants so you have to replace one of the colors with t - the original kind if you want the original colors like i do

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