Confession: In Kotor Carth should thank Mission because she is the only reason why i dont choose to be pure evil

- kotor - star wars - mission vao - Knight of the old republic - Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Confession: I just wish they would’ve made a third game. And i know SWOR suppose to be the next game but it’s mmo it’s just not the same i want the feels this game can give

- kotor - swtor - star wars

Confession: I did the Sand People water sidequest once and never again. They just annoy the hell out of me. I’d rather just kill them all.

- kotor - sand people - star wars

Confession: I always laugh at Darth Bandon force slamming that one Sith trooper into a computer during his intro. It’s so random.

- kotor - darth bandon - star wars - Knight of the old republic - Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic - it never made sense to me either - plus nobody even remembered him since he looked pretty generic on the endar spire

Confession: I wish there was a Revan novel with female Revan and Revanasi love. I would read the heck outta that book!

- kotor - revan - darth revan - revanasi - carth onasi

Confession: Even though i feel terrible afterwards i always kill Dia on Taris…..i just do

- kotor - dia - Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic - star wars

Confession: Even though I’ve played these games dozens of times, I never skip a line of dialogue.

- kotor - star wars - Knight of the old republic - Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Confession: The music used in the games is beautiful. I especially love the music used in KOTOR 2 just before you meet the masters in the destroyed Jedi enclave. It almost makes me cry how the music goes so well with the destroyed place.

- kotor - dantooine - jedi enclave - jedi - star wars

Confession: From the moment Darth Nilius appeared on my tv, he became my favourite Sith Lord of all time he is everything that I imagined the perfect Sith Lord to be, he needs to appear in another game!

- kotor - sith - darth nihilus - nihilus

Confession: The TSLRCM team deserves ALL the love, accolades and good things for their dedication and diligence. I hope they know how very grateful we are.

- kotor - tslrcm - star wars - tsl - seriously thank you tslrcm